I almost…

ran out of time

lost my phone

died. I was in the Nevada Desert. Alone. On a road. At dusk. After a truck smashed my vehicle. 1981. Age 19.

ran into a seesaw

cried at the Barbara Walker exhibition

bought a picture at the Charleston Lewes Art gallery

spoke to Princess Diana at the Women of the Year launch

am full


Cried sitting downstairs on the bench with my headphones on

slept enough

fostered an American Bulldog

kissed them

married the wrong person

won on a 2p machine

ran away

didn’t care

had a shag

got a dog

became an eagle scout

forgot the dog

applied for a new job today

wasted a lot of money on an electrician

was credited on Cliff Richard’s ‘ wired for sound’ album

didn’t say yes to what turned out to be the best weekend of my life

missed the bus


picked up a kitten

cooked my face

flew back to Australia

ate sushi today but I wish I had

missed my tax return

drowned on Brighton Beach

finished that email I’ve been putting off

went to Margate instead of Eastbourne

got knocked out by a wooden plank but it missed

booked a holiday

saw a shark on the Barrier reef

rode in an aston martin DB4 until the owner had to go and have new tyres fitted to it – such regrets!

didn’t come tonight but glad I did

am blind

punched a teenager

very very miss my two dogs

forgot to buy my train tickets

did not come to the turner exhibition

got the job

had a normal life

got a taxi, but the weather was too good so I walked

didn’t come today thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be great but I’m glad I did! Nice to see artistic creations.

didn’t come back in

have been inspected

went to Paradise Park

cried today

found true love

Mr Almost Man (Stuart Waters) asked Towner Eastbourne visitors to tell him moments in their lives when they “almost…”. This is a selection of their answers.