What is life?

what is life she said rolling onto the side of her face brick by brick not taking a breath holding onto whatever would hold her what is life who cares leaves rushing past the window on a balmy day no way what is life you’d never be able to tell if you saw it but if you do see it let me know what is life underneath the table giggling writing notes about nothing sweaty palms and raised eyebrows what is life writing with no full stops losing time and gaining enemies crisps and high fives and luxurious kitchen roll what is life you are i am we are we will be what is life forward rolls and grass beneath our toes what is life that feeling just after being sick or coming up relief and no sign of tragedy fists clasped surging crowds hoarse voices yelling for the occupied what is life grapes cut into quarters wild horses on the hills breathless slipping shoulder to shoulder what is life when you find it come back and tell me, come back and tell me